The Virgin Cataphyge (Refuge) and St. John the Evangelist

Type: Icon

Period: 1395 year

Author: Unknown

School: Unknown

Dimmensions (cm): 93 / 61.5


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Sofia

Gallery: National Art Gallery


Country: Serbia

Province: Dimitrovgrad

Village: Poganovo

Monastery: Poganovo monastery

Object identification notes

A two-sided icon (the right side, on the back side is painted "The vision of the prophets Ezekiel and Habakkuk"). Donated about 1395 to the Poganovo monastery by Empress Elena Paleologus, daughter of the monastery's sposor Despot Deyan and granddaughter of Tsar Ivan Alexander.


Classical beauty, proportionality, aristocratic colouring in the spirit of mediaeval aesthetics.

Iconographical technique: Tempera

Base material: Wood

Board with linen.