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The goal of the project “Digital libraries with multimedia content and its applications in Bulgarian Cultural Heritage” is to develop the information content, structure, and the realisation of the multimedia digital library “Virtual encyclopaedia of the Bulgarian iconography“. The project aims to lay the foundations of the registration, documentation, and the virtual exploration of a practically unlimited number of Bulgarian icons.

That library includes several hundred specimens of Bulgarian icons from different artists, historical periods, and schools. It provides and manages complex services (heterogeneous, autonomous and distributed), processes and information workflows. The flexibility, the automatic adaptation, the access anywhere and anytime, the decentralization, the wide variety of digital objects and collections, the information security, etc. are of the some MDL requirements.

The information content is extracted from the following sources:

Svetlin Bosilkov, “Arbanasi”, Publisher “Svqt”, Sofia, 1989;

Michael Enev, “ Bansko – the spiritual centre down the ages”

Luben Prashkov “Bulgarian icons – progress, technology, restoration”, Publisher “Septemvri”, Sofia, 1985

Tsanko Petrov, “Icons from Tryavna painters”, Publisher “Septemvri”, Sofia, 1978

Teofana Matakieva-Lilkova, The East-Christian art in Bulgaria, Publisher “Borina”, Sofia, 2001

Teofana Matakieva-Lilkova, Bulgarian icon, Publisher “Balkan Press”, Sofia, 1994

“Encyclopedia of the fine art in Bulgaria”, Publisher “BAS”, Sofia, 1980

The project “Digital libraries with multimedia content and its applications in Bulgarian Cultural Heritage” is developed by a team from the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IMI-BAS) - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Radoslav Pavlov, Assist. Prof. Lilia Pavlova-Draganova, Assist. Prof. Lubomil Draganov, Assist. Prof. Desislava Paneva-Marinova, PhD - by contract 8/21.07.2005 between IMI-BAS and the State Agency for Information Technologies and Communications.

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