St. Haralampios

Type: Icon

Period: The beginning of the 19 century

Author: Unknown

School: Strandzha Iconographic School

Dimmensions (cm): 113 / 82


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Sofia

Town: Sofia

Museum: National History Museum


Country: Bulgaria

Other source: Others

Object identification notes

The background is blue and light at the end, with pink and white fluffy clouds. It imitates the real sky in contrast to the neutral golden or horizontal neutral monochrome background of the previous centuries.


St. Haralampios is depicted full face and down to the waist he wears a blue cassock and a red cloak over it, which lavishly ornamented in gold around the neck. The bright red stole under the cloak has embroidery of golden crosses. The saint is what the Hermeneia instruct it should be. He blesses with his one hand and holds a closed gold embossed gospel in his other hand. A graphic golden line writes The Resurrection of Jesus Christ on the gospel.

Iconographical technique: Tempera

Base material: Wood