Part of royal doors depicting the Virgin, St. Haralampios and St. John the Evangelist

Type: Plastic iconographical object: Royal doors

Period: From the beginning of the 17 century to the end of the 17 century

Author: Unknown

School: Unknown

Dimmensions (cm): 99 / 29


Country: Bulgaria

Private collection: Private collection


Country: Bulgaria

Other source: Others

Object identification notes

The decoration, the severe, rigid and simple organization of painting and carving, the cohesive construction and the intelligent juxtaposition of gold and grim and gay dark-blue and red colors, the pure silhouette attribute this work to early 17th century art. Kinship to the quoted examples from southwestern Bulgarian lands allow to attribute it to the art of the same region.


The depiction is plastically modelled by high carving in several planes. The figures in the two upper tiers are full size and full face with shortened proportions and heavy heads, with gilding on the top. The figure in the bottom has the same size but the saint is depicted down to the waist. The rectangular part of this part of the royal doors is framed by a broad segmented frame, which is a gilded highly profiled serpentine tendril with palmettos against red background and divides the plane into three segments in which Virgin Mary, St Haralampios and John the Evangelist are depicted. The three fields are decorated with carved columns with capitals in a floral motif and two-part eastern arches over them; capitals with palms in green are modelled over the columns. The figures are against a blue background.

Iconographical technique: Carving


Base material: Wood