Shroud depicting The Virgin Platytera

Type: Plastic iconographical object: Shroud

Period: 1216 year

Author: Unknown

Dimmensions (cm): 75 / 55


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Sofia

Town: Sofia

Museum: National History Museum


Country: Bulgaria

Other source: Others

Object identification notes

The drapery recalls sculpture modeling, the simple and clear pattern characteristic of Byzantine art from the 11th century onwards. The technique is similar to that of the Salonika shroud and the shroud of Bachkovo, both from the 14th century. The church brocade are old Christian objets d'art. Like the frescoes and icon paintings they recreated stories from the Bible and the gospels. The church brocade are an integral part of the interior and the ceremony. The priests' vestments, the shrouds, the cloaks in which God is incarnated are lavishly decorated and put in the altars. These have a special function during the Passion Week.


The shroud depicts a full-size Virgin with a round medallion on her breast featuring the Child.

Iconographical technique: Bullion embroidery

Base material: Textiles

Червена коприна, ленена подплата.