Shroud depicting The Lamentation at the Tomb

Type: Plastic iconographical object: Shroud

Period: The beginning of the 19 century

Author: Unknown

School: Unknown

Dimmensions (cm): 112 / 100


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Sofia

Town: Sofia

Museum: National History Museum


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Plovdiv

Town: Plovdiv


The shroud's embroidery depicts the conventional composition bringing in one The Lamentation and The Entombment from the Passion sequence. It illustrates the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ right after The Deposition from the Cross; the understatement is Eucharistic. A wide frame, which is all in bullion embroidery and spirals of twigs and buds, surround the composition. The Lamentation is embroidered in the lower half of the field horizontally. Virgin Mary, John the Divine, the women mourners and angels surround the bier on which the dead Jesus Christ lies. The Crucifixion with the spears of torment rises in the middle and amidst them. The sun, moon, stars are also embroidered. The ends are given to the four evangelists.

Iconographical technique: Bullion embroidery

The embroidery is bullion. All pearls take the nimbus of Jesus Christ. The shroud is a fine example of applied art. The embroidery technique, the quality of the fabric and the combination of embroidery and set pearls presuppose relation with some Russian workshops.

Base material: Textiles