Gospel Embossment

Type: Plastic iconographical object: Gospel

Period: 1832 year

Author: Unknown

School: Unknown

Dimmensions (cm): 11 / 7.5 / 2.2


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Sofia

Town: Sofia

Museum: National History Museum


Country: Bulgaria

Other source: Others

Object identification notes

The Bulgarian goldsmiths maintained relations with neighbor Balkan lands. The studios in the southern and southwestern lands were subjected to the art influences from Italy and Dubrovnik. These contacts explain the great impact of baroque on the works of art. The European art influence went together with the wish to carry on and revive the traditions of the glorious medieval past of Bulgaria. Hence the new style of the Revival. This gospel is an example of such a technique.


The relief includes the standard scenes Crucifixion and Resurrection.

Iconographical technique: Relief

Relief Casting

Base material: Metal

Silver with gilt on top, dark-red velvet jacket.

State, restoration traces and comments

The gospel has a whole sheet embossment.