Type: Icon

Period: 1726 year

Author: Teacher Stoyo and Teacher Nedyo

Dimmensions (cm): 94.5 / 64.5 / 3


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Veliko Turnovo

Town: Veliko Turnovo

Museum: History Museum


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Veliko Turnovo

Village: Arbanasi

Church: St. Athanasius

Object identification notes

The construction and modelling reveal a tendency to a novel vision, different from the older traditional ones, which will mark the beginning of 'illusionism' in iconography for the decades to follow.


A large figure of Christ is depicted in the middle of the icon. On both its sides there are waist up figures of Virgin Mary and St. John the Baptist. The simply profiled frame is decorated with picture ornaments instead of carved ones.

Iconographical technique: Tempera

Base material: Wood

Two linden boards fasten with keys.