The Virgin Hodegetria with Prophets

Type: Icon

Period: 1566 year

Author: Unknown

School: Unknown

Dimmensions (cm): 130 / 99


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Sofia

Town: Sofia

Museum: National Archaeological Museum


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Bourgas

Town: Nessebur


The Holy Mother of God is represented in the traditional way. Her head is slightly bent to the young Christ, whom she is holding up whit her left arm. Her right arm, bent at the elbow and with an open palm, is brought in front of the chest and is pointing at him. The Mother of God is portrayed to the waist. Christ is painted in a seated position. In his left hand he holds an orb (a symbol of authority), and with his right arm, bent at the elbow he is blessing. Around the Mather of God are painted nine figures.

Iconographical technique: Tempera

The gilding is on bole with gold-leaf, polished.

Base material: Wood

The icon's base is a four-piece oak panel.