St. Archangel Michael

Type: Icon

Period: 1869 year

Author: Ivan Kostov Terziev

Ivan Kostov Terziev - Born in 1832 in the village of Guliyna Banya, District of Razlog. Had first been a trainee of Dimiter T. Molerov and then, later on, had continued his studies under Stefan S. P. Stamatov. For a period of three or four years he had been in the Holy Mountain where he had studied and worked in the Athonite workshops and had become a good icon-painter. During one of his travels to the Holy Mountain he had been overtaken by a snow storm, as a result of which he had frozen and one of his legs had become limp. This had had an effect on his character. That physical defect had made him reticent and unsociable and he had never again left Bansko. Works of his we find in the churches in the area of Radomir and Dupnitsa, in Rila Monastery, as well as in many villages: Banino, Smochevo, Stob, Rila, Porominovo, Kocherinovo, Boboshevo. Icons of his are also to be found in three of the churches in Dupnitsa.His painting is a restrained one, with clearly outlined forms. The iconographer's brush had assiduously covered the icon, using intense colours. His manner and technique differ very much from those in the works of his teacher Dimiter Molerov. This must most probably have been a result of his having worked for long years in the monasteries in Athos and of his schooling in the artistic workshops there. He had died in 1907 in Bansko.

School: Bansko Iconographic School

Dimmensions (cm): 100 / 75 / 3


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Blagoevgrad

Town: Bansko

Museum: Museum complex


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Blagoevgrad

Village: Zagrade

Church: St. Great Martyr George


A traditional treatment of the theme, with Saint Archangel Michael portrayed to the waist against a blue background. He is in full armour, with a red mantle on the shoulders. In his right hand he is holding a sword, and in his left hand an orb with the initials of Jesus Christ.

Iconographical technique: Combined

The technique of painting is a combined one. The varnish cover is reduced to powder and in some places completely fallen off.

Base material: Wood

The icon's base is of two panels, reinforced with two wedge-pointed oppositely inserted beams. The ground coat is laid evenly and is finely ground.

State, restoration traces and comments

There are no traces of any previous restorative intervention. Donor's inscription.