St. Nicholas

Type: Icon

Period: 1839 year

Author: Dimiter Zograph from Sozopol

Dimiter Zograph from Sozopol worked in the first half of the19th century. His icon Saint Trinity from the homonymous church in Michurin, has the typical for the Strandja art school details. The traditional iconography of the Trinity is very complicated with additional elements and contains in its bottom part three splendid medallions (under the strong influence of the European baroque of 18th c.) „St. St. George and Dimitrius” on horses „St. St. Konstantine and Helena” among them are arranged in uniform frieze. Dimiter Zograph emphasizes the multilayered scenery, which could be seen in his icon „St. John the Baptist” from 1859 г. in „St. Zosimus of Sozopol” church, as well as in the icon of „St. Trifon” 1857 from the „St. George” temple.

School: Strandzha Iconographic School


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Varna

Town: Varna

Museum: History Museum


Country: Bulgaria

Other source: Others


A traditional iconographic treatment of the theme. Saint Nicholas is portrayed in waist length against a light blue background, in archieratical vestments and without a mitre. In his left hand he is holding a book, and with his right one he is blessing. There are on both sides of the aureole two medallions with the Holy Mother of God and John the Babtist.

Iconographical technique: Combined

With velaturas and "probaster" on the vestments. The "wet into wet" method has also been used in the carnations. The varnish cover is applied thinly and evenly. The gilding on the aureole and the frame is with gold-leaf.

Base material: Wood

The icon's base is made of one softwood panel with two beams. The ground coat is of plaster, laid in a thin and even layer.

State, restoration traces and comments

There are numerous damages along the layer of painting.