St. John the Forerunner

Type: Icon

Period: From the beginning of the 19 century to the end of the 19 century

Author: Unknown

School: Bansko Iconographic School

Dimmensions (cm): 82 / 64 / 2


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Blagoevgrad

Town: Bansko

Museum: Museum complex


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Blagoevgrad

Town: Blagoevgrad

Church: The Virgin


A traditional iconographic treatment of this theme. Saint John the Forerunner is portrayed with wings, blessing with his right hand, and in his left hand he is holding a bowl with his cut-off head.

Iconographical technique: Combined

The basic tone is distemper and the lighting with an oil vehicle. The varnish cover in the icon's upper part is removed along with a part of the painting; downwards it is slightly soiled.

Base material: Wood

The base is of two softwood panels (walnut). It is bent in the middle, with the painting on the outer side, as the result of the falling out of the two wedge-shaped beams. Because of the warping of the base, it is not possible to insert new beams. The ground coat is of plaster, well-preserved, with slight damages from drops of wax.

State, restoration traces and comments

Traces from a previous restoration work: a rough cleansing - removed had been velaturas on the wings. The outer frame had been overpainted. The painting layer is badly rubbed through as a result of a previous intervention.