St. Archangel Michael

Type: Icon

Period: 1854 year

Author: Unknown

School: Samokov Iconographic School

Dimmensions (cm): 43 / 31 / 2.5


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Blagoevgrad

Village: Dobursko


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Blagoevgrad

Village: Dobursko


A traditional treatment of the theme, in the center of the composition being the figure of Saint Archangel Michael with a sword in hand, prepared to stab the man under him - the rich sinner, who is in a decoratively and conventionally painted garden. In his left hand the saint is holding a little and naked human figure, symbolizing the sinner's soul. The background is developed in a decorative manner and includes in the landscape buildings, a sky and two female figures leaning over the rich man. The inclusion in the composition of the other elements, such as buildings, figures of devils, and the manner of treating the forms, suggest the colourful characteristics of a master iconographer of the Samokov school of art. This finds a certain degree of support in the donor's inscription as well.

Iconographical technique: Tempera

The layer of the painting is a thin one, of a smooth texture, of more than one layers on the garments and the carnations (faces and hands). The painting is a primitive one. The varnish cover is applied thinly and evenly. The gilding is on bole, with gold-leaf, polished.

Base material: Wood

The icon's base is a softwood panel with two reinforcing nailed beams. The ground coat is of plaster, laid thinly in several layers.

State, restoration traces and comments

There are traces of overpaintings with distemper and an egg vehicle. There is under the composition an inscription.