Christ Pantocrator

Type: Icon

Period: The end of the 18 century

Author: Christo Dimitrov

Hristo Dimitrov is considered to be the founder of Samokov art school. He is the father of the Dospevski - the most numerous and the most significant iconographic family. He started to master the craft when he was still a child at Mount Athos. Later on Hristo Dimitrov went to Vienna where he continued his studies. He was using Greek and German sources to master the technique of the iconography. The iconographer worked in Macedonia and the west Bulgarian territories. Some of his icons can be found in the metropolitan church in Samokov. Hristo Dimitrov is the father and the teacher of two great iconographers who had even surpassed his skills – Dimiter Hristov Zograph and Zachari Hristov Zograph. The two brothers, together with their relative – Kosta Valyov, made some of the most significant wall-paintings in the Rila monastery.

School: Samokov Iconographic School

Dimmensions (cm): 63 / 58


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Sofia

Town: Kostenetz

Church: St. Archangel Michael


A traditional compositional treatment of the theme.

Iconographical technique: Tempera

Gold-leaf was used. The halo and the right hand are with silver engraved fittings. The development of the images and clothes is typical for Samokov iconographic school during the period.

Base material: Wood