St. Archangel Michael

Type: Icon

Period: 1637 year

Author: Unknown

School: Unknown

Dimmensions (cm): 91 / 42.5


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Veliko Turnovo

Town: Veliko Turnovo

Museum: History Museum


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Veliko Turnovo

Village: Arbanasi

Church: The Nativity of Christ

Object identification notes

The carved frame of the author resembles the carving of the royal doors from the iconostasis in John the Baptist's paraclete in the same church and is probably the same author's work.


Archangel Michael, winged, armoured, with a sword in his right hand and a scroll in the left, is depicted as a Guardian. The icon is enclosed in a complex profiled carved frame and a plastic arch above the head of the archangel.

Base material: Wood

Three linden boards fasten with two keys.

State, restoration traces and comments

There is a donor's inscription and a date in the background right of the archangel's feet.