St. Nicholas

Type: Icon

Period: 1735 year

Author: Unknown

School: Tryavna Iconographic School

Dimmensions (cm): 98 / 60


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Veliko Turnovo

Town: Elena

Gallery: Art Gallery


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Veliko Turnovo

Monastery: Kapinovo monastery

Object identification notes

The background is not gilt but silvered, a manner characteristic of the Tryavna school of art in the 18th and 19th centuries.


The saint is depicted sitting on a richly ornamented throne, dressed in the garments of the high clergy. Behind the back of the throne the small figures of the Virgin and Christ are seen in praying position. The images are surrounded by an arch-shaped frame with a complex profile.

Iconographical technique: Tempera

Base material: Wood


State, restoration traces and comments

In the lower left corner there is a commemorative inscription and the date 1735.