St. Elijah on a chariot

Type: Icon

Period: The middle of the 19 century

Author: Unknown

School: Tryavna Iconographic School

Dimmensions (cm): 92 / 64


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Varna

Town: Varna

Museum: History Museum


Country: Bulgaria

Province: Varna

Village: Voditsa

Object identification notes

The composition, the proportions, the character of the image and the harmony of the coloured spots suggest a great master with a style of his own from the Tryavna iconographic circles.


A traditional approach to the theme. In the upper part St. Elijah rides a chariot through the clouds, whilst underneath episodes of the miracles performed by him and his disciple Elisha are depicted within a vast landscape. At the very bottom scenes from Elijah's miracles are developed in a horizontal frieze.

Iconographical technique: Tempera

Base material: Wood

Linden board